Let's b-eat this!

There’s a charity close to my heart and I just wish I knew about it when I was 16…

It is called b-eat and for the past 21 years they have been working with people affected by eating disorders and working in partnership with the media to promote positive reporting about these challenging conditions.

I was surprised to learn there are 1.6million people in the UK who are affected. The condition can affect anyone at any time but girls and young women aged 12-20 are most at risk.

The cause of eating disorders are complex and not yet fully understood but include a mix of genetic, biological and cultural factors. It is not a life style choice, I did not chose to be ill and wasn’t looking for attention. I was young with an unbelievably hectic schedule at high school and after school. I wasn’t eating regularly. Modelling and dancing was one of things I enjoyed doing however when I was told I needed to loose more weight, things rapidly went downhill. I do not blame my parents for not acting sooner, they knew I worked hard but one morning I was so weak I couldn’t get up. My father took me to the doctor who bluntly sai, if I didn’t start eating I could die. Luckily I had the summer break ahead of me and with the loving care of my

mother I started eating, and holding down the food. I played sports at school so knowing I could get back healthily at the start of the semester was a great motivation.

There can be a serious long term consequences to physical health if the conditions are not treated quickly.

Nowadays I lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I don’t follow strict diets but I don’t eat junk food either. I work out, look after my body but also enjoy a glass of wine and the food I eat. I spend as much time outdoors as I can I cherish every moment in life. As an ambassador I am very proud and happy to raise awareness of the complexity of the issues, causes and risks and challenging the stigma associated with eating disorders. I will continue offering advice for people directly affected their families and others at risk and promoting the message of hope that eating disorder can be beaten with the right treatment and support.

Thank you for reading.


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