Fat Biking to Morteratsch Glacier Caves

Private Tour

The winter hiking trails offer a bundle of fun riding with a fat tyre bike! We start the tour at Morteratsch train station, from here a 3km beautiful valley path will take us to the most incredible sight - the ICY GLACIER CAVES! If the conditions allow, we leave our bikes at the end of the trail and hike to the caves. 

Fat bikes are a great way to explore the trails around St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. The tyres of the bikes are much wider than a normal bike, which helps rolling over ice and snow. It’s a fantastic activity for your health and well-being! 

This tour will lead us through the entire length of the Morteratsch valley (3km) out and back (6km in total) The trail is not physically too demanding but you’ll still need to be fit and up for biking for a couple of hours. The Morteratasch valley has impressive views of the Glacier and the Bernina mountain range, which will be our backdrop for the whole ride.

Highlights of the tour

  • learn about the Morteratsch Glacier
  • fat biking with a fat tyre bike that rolls over snow with ease
  • a rare chance to see a Glacier cave 


CHF 400 for 1 or 2 people

CHF 600 for 3 people

CHF 600 for a family

CHF 800 for 4 people (adults)

Not included:

Fat bike rental (recommend Engadin Bikes in St. Moritz) and transport to Morteratsch station.

Terms & conditions: www.alex7summits.com/conditions


Start: Morteratsch train station 

We meet at the car park where we have a quick briefing and a chance to test our bikes in a safe environment and make any changes on the bike to give us maximum comfort. We will cross over the train tracks and our adventure begins!

The 3km may not sound long but the lumpy road will test our legs and lungs but don't worry we will make stops for photos. If conditions allow, we will hike out to the Glacier Cave where you will have plenty of photo opportunity. It's a once in a life-time experience and should be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Morteratsch Glacier and Caves

Nestled in a majestic mountain world, the Morteratsch Glacier is by surface area the largest glacier in the Bernina range of the Grisons Alps.

Like huge tongues, the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers push themselves from the snow covered peaks of Piz Palu and Piz Bernina towards Pontresina. At Isla Persa, between the two ice streams, the glacier arms join up with the glacier tongue, which ends about 2 kilometres further. As little as 120 years ago, the Morteratsch Glacier stretched almost 2 kilometres further into the valley. Today it is still about 6.4 kilometres long.

When the glacier melts they form very impressive subglacier caves and séracs (ice towers) by a stream that runs underneath and in the inflow of warm air. These are also caused by movement, gravity and pressure. 

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