Training for everest

Training for everest The first question I’m asked when I tell people I’m going to Everest is (after WHY CLIMB IT?) what type of training I do. The simple answer is, I’ve been training for it since I decided to climb the 7 summits back in April 2014. That’s four years of dedicated, intense training.… Continue reading Training for everest

6th summit

Carstensz Pyramid Mar ’17 (6th ‘7summit’) Carstensz is near the Equator so there is no ‘season’ to climb it. “There’s bad weather all year around” or as I approached it, you can attempt to climb it anytime! And because organising an expedition to the mountain is a logistical nightmare, you really are in the hands… Continue reading 6th summit


Carstensz Pyramid Mar ’17 (6th ‘7summit’) The noise of the tent’s cheap nylon wildly flapping right by my head woke up me. Weather forecast was right; it has been a windy night at Camp Colera, 6000m. I am buried deep into my sleeping bag, it is warm and cosy. I check my watch, 10 minutes… Continue reading Aconcagua

Climbing Denali/ McKinley 9-23 June, la Expedition

Climbing Denali/ McKinley 9-23 June, la Expedition The highest mountain in North America with a summit elevation of 20,320 feet/ 6,186m, Denali or Mt McKinley in Alaska was going to be my highest mountain of the 7 summits. It is the third most prominent peak after Everest and Aconcagua (lowest point to summit) from the… Continue reading Climbing Denali/ McKinley 9-23 June, la Expedition

Climbing Denali / Mt. McKinley la Summit and Death March


Climbing Denali / Mt. McKinley la Summit and Death March “Monday 22 June SUMMITED!!!! Day ‘who knows and counts anymore’ on the mountain We moved to High Camp 17,200’ yesterday.. as I suspected the fixed lines were my favourite parts and boy we had two long sections of them. The move goes like this; attach… Continue reading Climbing Denali / Mt. McKinley la Summit and Death March

Expeditions confirmed

Expeditions confirmed Kilimanjaro, Africa: 4-14 September 2014 Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania: 3-16 October 2014 Vinson Massif, Antarctica: 23 November – 9 December 2014 ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS ADVENTURE Enquiry Form If you have any questions regarding the Gokyo Lakes & Everest Base Camp adventure, or ready to book, please fill out the form below. SEND MESSAGE!function(){function t(t){this.element=t,this.animationId,this.start=null,this.init()}if(!window.requestAnimationFrame){var… Continue reading Expeditions confirmed

The climb

The climb It’s 3pm on Tuesday 10th of June. I’m back in the comfort of my tent at Base Camp and decided to sum up the previous 8 days.. It’s not easy! When I landed in Minerlanye Vody on the 2nd and after waiting for an hour at the airport, a taxi driver turned up… Continue reading The climb