6th summit

Carstensz Pyramid Mar ’17 (6th ‘7summit’) Carstensz is near the Equator so there is no ‘season’ to climb it. “There’s bad weather all year around” or as I approached it, you can attempt to climb it anytime! And because organising an expedition to the mountain is a logistical nightmare, you really are in the hands… Continue reading 6th summit

Climbing the Matterhorn

Climbing the Matterhorn I was telling my friends the other day that at the end of every summer I look back and think.. yeah I’ve had a good one! Whether I‘d do an epic European road trip or venture further, I make sure my summers are filled with adventures, laughs, family & friends’ time, incredible… Continue reading Climbing the Matterhorn

The Hurt half marathon


The Hurt half marathon Quads now recovered from the race in the Surrey Hills, I still can’t stop thinking (and laughing) about how I managed to get lost on a marked route (in the second lap!) 🙂 Wandering off the course during a half means that you quickly realise something has gone wrong, the downside… Continue reading The Hurt half marathon

Prudential Ride London 100

Prudential Ride London 100 Exactly a year ago, I was watching those crazy cyclists shooting past the gallery in Wimbledon village in the pouring rain. I thought they were mad. Doing a 100 mile bike ride on a day like that? What’s the big fuss? I’m talking about the Prudential Ride London Surrey 100. Those… Continue reading Prudential Ride London 100