Thank you

Thank you I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and positive words I’ve been receiving since endeavouring to climb the 7 summits. It gives me an immense amount of energy and I am so thankful for everything. Mom & Dad my dear friends – you know who you are Tim M. & Claire K.… Continue reading Thank you

Let’s b-eat this!

Let’s b-eat this! There’s a charity close to my heart and I just wish I knew about it when I was 16… It is called b-eat and for the past 21 years they have been working with people affected by eating disorders and working in partnership with the media to promote positive reporting about these… Continue reading Let’s b-eat this!

The climb

The climb It’s 3pm on Tuesday 10th of June. I’m back in the comfort of my tent at Base Camp and decided to sum up the previous 8 days.. It’s not easy! When I landed in Minerlanye Vody on the 2nd and after waiting for an hour at the airport, a taxi driver turned up… Continue reading The climb

Tour de Magyarorszag

Tour de Magyarorszag (A one off article in Hungarian. For English please click translate at the bottom of this page. ) Amikor repjegyet foglaltam haza nem ugy keszultem hogy vegig turnezom a 6 napot de igy alalkult es milyen jo volt! Komlo TV-nel kezdtem ahol talan meg nehez volt ertelmes mondatokat magyaruln kipreselnem igy parszor… Continue reading Tour de Magyarorszag